Torre del Castellano was chosen as the opening image to a recent article by Piero Pavanini, AD Newton Lab 24 - Sole 24 Ore Group.

Obviously we are honored that the choice fell on our Castle and definitely a big thanks goes to the author and to Italy Convention.

If it becomes increasingly difficult to find the "right" location and if the choice could also anticipate the success of the meeting, the attention to the characteristics and quality of the site are essential.

Torre del Castellano, among its features, it's conscious to be a "tailored" location, that fits with ease, elegance and style to the most diverse demands.

Choosing Torre del Castellano means giving great significance to the research of the site for one's event, a key component for a guaranteed success.



Private party, wonderful party

Incisa. Darkness falls and slowly the night comes.

The Castle lights turn on.

A few more details and there we are. While the latest torches are positioned, we are already feeling celebration in the air!

In the Aquila hall, transformed into disco, headlights colored alternate and music invades the Torre. In the Giustizia hall there is a swarm of busy waiters setting a sumptuous feast, full of delicacies worthy of a big party.

The guests arrive one after the other, wrapped in their raincoats for the incessant rain. The temperature is very strict, despite the season, but nobody seems to notice it: Torre del Castellano is perfect though, showing in the best way its interior and hidden charm.

Fun, relax and serene atmosphere mean that the hours pass quickly.

And at the stroke of midnight, as in the best fairy tales, the lights go out, the music becomes sweeter and some guests intones a "happy birthday to you" to the birthday girl, while in the open gallery fifty candles light up a huge and delicious birthday cake.

Between the love of friends and choirs cards, the joyful and elegant evening at the Castle comes to an end.

Also on this occasion, Torre del Castellano was able to add an extra touch to a party already strongly felt and shared!



A few hours ago the Expo 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" has started in Milan and we are all protagonists! The next six months ahead will make us discover the World and its cultures together with our beautiful country, Italy.

We challenge you to watch this event with a different perspective: with the eye of the traveler who is not satisfied just with the halls of the exihibition and the city of Milan, but who wants to live new territories, through the discovery of scents and flavors.

Torre del Castellano is ready to welcome you in a family atmosphere, in the silence and tranquility of the Tuscan countryside, in the meeting with the local traditions and sharing meals together.

The different experiences that the team of the Tower offers, will make your trip even more magical and unique.

A good Expo experience to everyone... and a goodbye to the Torre del Castellano!


A day at the Bit!

Friday, February 13th, I attended the International Tourism Exhibition in Milan, thanks to the pleasing invitation of Italia Convention, famous portal that supports the organization of events. And now, surfing their website, among the new location proposed for meetings, you can also find Torre del Castellano. Well done!


Stories / experiences

Torre del Castellano is not only the location of my dreams, is the location where my dreams have come to life.

When I choose a place, I do not take into account only the technical or geographic requirements. I am often guided by the emotions that arise in me, by the memories that come to my mind and the colours that remain in my eyes.

Torre del Castellano has given a strong mark in the history of my life because this is where I chose to celebrate and feast my marriage.

This is the place that can be the ideal setting for many new stories, where I will receive you and will accompany you taking care of your dream, to make every moment unforgettable.

Thanks to this blog I will take you to the rooms of the castle, to the dirt roads that cross the spectacular Tuscan countryside, and we’ll look around from the top of the tower to discover together how to organize your event, how to customize your relaxing moments or to make your guests feel the real stars of the party.

Torre del Castellano is the location to share curiosity, passion, latest trends and fashions.

Let it be your exclusive place.

Naturally exclusive