Movie location

A good film is remembered for the plot, the characters, the director and also for its settings.

Torre del Castellano, thanks to its history, architecture, flexibility of spaces, lends itself to be the ideal location for a movie set, for photo shoots or video, for fashion shows and events of high fashion.

A location that provides exclusivity, flexibility, ease to access, but also private.

A place with a precious personality: a tower and a castle to transform every atmosphere into magic. A set featuring all the elements sought to meet the needs of the scene: large spaces, contact with nature, tradition and culture, art and history, naturalness and beautiful landscapes.

Torre del Castellano is ideal to recreate a "natural setting", as for films and television dramas, with scenes that require an easy reconstruction with details and period atmosphere. Due to its location and proximity to the city of Florence, is easily accessible and the large space can accommodate actors, crew, insiders and special machinery.

Thanks to the strategic layout of the spaces and the elegance of the architecture, in any season the Castle can accommodate catwalks and events of high fashion. A stone's throw from Florence, the capital of the most exclusive fashion brands, Torre del Castellano turns into an elegant catwalk, that like a model, dress according to the mood and theme suggested.

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